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Social Media Manager   Website Designer   Customer Email Campaign Creator

About the Creator


My name is Melina and I am the founder of Melina's Marketing. I'm here to help other small businesses navigate in this heavy digital world, organize their time better, and increase brand awareness. By doing all of these things you will ultimately stand out from the crowd and have potential customers or clients choose YOU. 

Trust is huge when trying to find someone to represent your company. I encourage you to schedule a free virtual intro call for us to get to know each other "face-to-face".

A social media manager that helps small businesses

Popular Services Offered

Social Media Management

A Social Media Manager that helps small businesses

Website Creation

A Website Creator and Website Designer
Perfect for small to mid sized businesses that don't have time to post on a regular basis.
Don't have a website yet or need to redo the one you currently have? No worries!


Email Communications

A Customer Email Marketing Manager | Email Communications
A Website Manager that helps your run your current WIX, wordpress or sqaurespace site
Do you already have a website hosted on Wix or Squarespace and need help managing it?
All the big brands that you love are staying connected with their customers via email and you can too.
"Absolutely amazing work. She brought us up-to-date and beyond. We have received nothing but spectacular service. I can not encourage anyone more to use this service you will be more than satisfied"

Lenna S.

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